Portugal is one of the places I return to every year, and each time I discover much beauty there, both in the culture itself, in the people, and in the breath-taking landscape. What I love so much about this country located at the end of Europe are the peace, quiet, unannounced fogs in the Peninha forest, rocky beaches by the Ocean, and the beautiful light. 

I managed to visit Portugal a few times already. A big part of my portfolio was created at Madeira, the Azores and in the Lisbon region. What enchanted me very much were the kind and friendly people. There is nothing else left for me but to visit this beautiful country in order to share what I have learned during my photographer's career. The last 3 years were a constant journey and searching for history, exploration of the human mind and constant training on how to bring out the real emotions from the human souls. Creating these stories has made me become a different, better person. Getting into incredible interaction with people has allowed me to rediscover what love is.

During the two days of workshops, I would like to share my findings, make you keen on emotional storytelling as well. They are workshops aimed at photographers who value interhuman relations and who take their pictures because they love photography.

These will be theoretical classes combined with practice, meaning taking pictures. Prepare yourselves for a lot of photographing in various light conditions. We will end the session at sunset, probably in my favorite place, which is Praya Da Ursa. 

Hope to see you soon



Rafał Bojar