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The Lyrics Meaning of "Only Love"

In "Only Love," Mumford returns to the spiritual questions about faith that he began asking in "Believe." Musically, gentle piano and mere hints of electric guitar make up most of this song until 2:51 when the drums and guitar kick in. The song is a mix of gentleness, power and is a search for God and companionship that concludes that "only love" will suffice, a love that Mumford believes God can provide. The song is powerful and meaningful and takes a break from usual romance-focused songs. "Only Love" is beautiful, soul-searching, and deep enough that it will take you a few times through for the song's full depth to become clear.


I just recorded a feeling Having Pietro on my legs
You could listen to his"voice" listening it 
Here below the few lines translated in English. 
A big hug m.

The idea of love
The idea of marriage
To discover Denise
To receive as a gift Pietro

We were looking for a magical place for our wedding
Only for embracing our friends, our feeling, us...in the perfect way
Helping us to share with them all the sensations and love that exist between us. ‘